1. "There is Only One FATHER"
2. "John MacArthur's Blueprint for Being Born Again"
3. "The Most Intriguing Words of Jesus For Me"
4. "Honored to Be Featured on The Lamplighter"
5. "Take Heart, We are All Precious in the Eyes of God"
6. "The Signs Were There all Along"
7. "God is the Best Cure for all Ills"
8. "Jesus is the Living Water and the Bread of Life"
9. "The World Revealed Itself"
10. "The Life That is Being Snuffed Out of Us"
11. "Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart"
12. "It's Wonderful Being a Born Again Christian"
13. "Is There Hope for the Future?"
14. "Everything You Need to Know About the Holy Spirit of God"
15. "Calming the Stormy Seas of Life"
16. "The Simplicity That is Being Asked of Us Now"
17. "When the World Doesn't Seem to Make Sense"
18. "The Sanctification Process"
19. "The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven"
20. "The LORD Jesus Calls Us to Repentance"
21. "The New Jerusalem of God"
22."On Biblical Discernment"
23. "The Right Way to Pray"
24. "Drinking the Cup of the LORD"
25. "The Cycle of America and the World"
26. "Our Peace Lies in Jesus Alone"
27. "Let Your Soul Breathe"
28. "JESUS Bringing Things to Light"
29. "In Stillness is the KEY"
30. "The Hour of Preparation is NOW"
31. "It is TIME to LIVE RIGHT by the LORD"
32. "Come Home to God Clean"
33. "I Knew 2020 Was Going to Be Something"
34. "The LAST Instructions of JESUS"
35. "How JESUS Will Return"
36. "God Seems to Like the Work I Do"