Thursday, July 30, 2020

JESUS Bringing Things to Light

Are you worried about how things are these days?

If your faith is in God, then you will find hope, and TRUTH.

What I had been feeling since covid literally first hit the streets early this year, is that God is allowing those who don't love Him and others, to reveal themselves, by their very actions each day.

The time was ripe for certain people to show their true colors, especially who they served, for the forgotten people of earth were groaning in suffering.

I felt that so strongly in my heart, but didn't have the supporting VERSE to back my feelings.

Until today.

The Holy Spirit -- the TEACHER of all things -- finally led me to this verse moments ago, to my great delight, and gratitude:

5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, 
until the Lord come, 
who both will bring to light 
the hidden things of darkness, 
and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.

1 Corinthians 4:5 
King James Version


How God already gave the instructions not to worry, not to judge, but to wait, and allow the LORD to shed light on things, at his own PERFECT time, so we may praise God in the end.

Here, look, break the verse down in the following phrases, and you will marvel at how PRECISE God is:

judge nothing before the time,
until the Lord come, 
who both will bring to light
the hidden things of darkness,
and will make manifest
the counsels of the hearts;
and then shall every man
have praise of God

We all know man has set aside God.

All governments, businesses, institutions, men, and organizations thought their ideas, methods, and systems are best.

They forgot to consult God.

They set aside the sacrifice of Jesus.

They don't know who the Holy Spirit is.

Many have agendas, not of God.

As if God wouldn't know that.

The CREATOR knows ALL.

We cannot hide a thing from the Lord.

When you're a born-again Christian, in the true sense of the WORD (literally God's Word), only His instructions in SCRIPTURE matter.

I had been searching for God's TRUTH, all my life.

I could never "buy" man's truth.

It doesn't have God in it.

So, I prayed, waited, and did all that for the longest time, until nearly 11 months ago, when finally, God sent His Holy SPIRIT to guide me, for They knew I was ready for JESUS.

I was now ready to follow Jesus alone.

You will not be able to imagine the results of that for yourself, until you set out on such a path for your own life.

You will stand in awe at the many treasures the SPIRIT of God will show you.

But I know my path, and it resulted in the creation of several important blogs, posts, and books honoring the WORD of God.

And when you're really sincere in following Jesus, and listening to the Holy Spirit, for God's TRUTH, you keep at it each day.

All my books revealed the dreams and visions I'd been having decades ago.

The Holy Spirit put everything in place for me.

So, when the covid crisis hit, I knew it was God's way to "flush" out followers of mammon.

And when humanity is at the point of breaking, I feel that is the EXACT moment God will act.

Of course, only God knows when Jesus will come back to do battle with the agents of Satan.

But I was given that heart to see, feel, and know certain things, which can only come from the Holy SPIRIT of God.

Perhaps, it is also because I kept on track, no matter what, making sure my heart was for the LORD alone, despite my many errors and miscalculations in life.

And finally, that verse was revealed today, which explains all we're going through, will be going through, until such time Jesus returns.

When you're a true follower of Christ, there is no fear.


(Brett Sayles photo.)

Updated 18 January 2022