Here are Christian websites to check:

The King James Version Bible
The Old and New Testaments

The Berean Call
"A Ministry of Biblical Discernment"

World' Biggest Skeptic
Rich resource of prophetic insight

He is Coming With the Clouds
"Are you ready?"

"The Life of Christ"
Book PDF from Christian Writings

"The Vision and Beyond"
Audio book on the David Wilkerson 1973 classic

"Everything You Need to Know About the Holy Spirit"
It's time to know more about the Holy Spirit of God

Walking in the Holy Spirit
Wonderful Charles F. Stanley video

"Let Your Soul Breathe"
Verses in  images

Bible Verses About the Word of God
Essential verses about the Word

Bible Verses About Jesus Being God
It's time to know who Jesus really is

"Things to Get Rid of in Your House Right Now"
Completely renouncing the occult