Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Honored to be Featured on "The Lamplighter"

I am grateful to Dr. David R. Reagan, of Lamb & Lion Ministries, host of the wonderful "Christ in Prophecy" video channel on YouTube, for featuring me on the January-February 2020 issue of their newsletter.

I am but a baby Christian, but eternally grateful that I have encountered Dr. Reagan, and my Bible teacher, Joseph, through the ministrations of the Holy Spirit.

Through Dr. Reagan's videos on Bible prophecy, I developed a heart and thirst for it, and started reading the Bible in the process.

Then, I began to love Jesus even more, as I started reading His words, prophecies, and instructions.

In my happiness, I began communicating with Dr. Reagan, showing him the many articles I've written about him and his ministry.

When you know you have finally found something you've been searching for all your life -- in my case, the Truth of God's Being -- you can only be supremely jubilant.

I was so happy and excited, that I created this blog you're reading now. Dr. Reagan felt my ebullience, surprising me by asking to interview me for his organization's magazine.

Well, that day is here now, and if you wish to read the wonderful contents of their latest newsletter, as well as take a peek on their post on me, we'd all love it if you would head over to the Lamb & Lion Ministries website, and sign up for the FREE newsletter, too!

In that article I was featured in, I spoke of my transition from being a Catholic, to being born again.

It's under "Discovering Prophecy" -- A Voice From the Philippines.

The downloadable pdf has many Christ treasures in there -- a wonderful end times reference for all who care to know about Bible prophecy and being a Christian in the true sense of the word.

I am honored that I became part of this year's first issue, and I shall continue my own Christ work, too!

Please join Dr. Reagan and his hardworking staff by subscribing to their newsletter, and viewing many important videos on the site.

I also wish to thank you for reading my latest post here, and hoping you make time to connect with Lamb & Lion Ministries.

GOD bless all of you and your families!