Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Prophecy of Jesus Regarding ISRAEL


38 Behold, 

your house 

is left 

unto you 


39 For I say 

unto you, 

Ye shall 

not see me 


till ye 

shall say, 

Blessed is he 

that cometh 

in the name 

of the Lord.

Matthew 23:38-39 (King James Version)

Do we really know what Jesus said about Israel?

And WHEN He intends to return to the chosen nation of God?

Those two verses above says all.

As if to support my Scripture discovery this morning, the Holy Spirit of God directed me back to an article I wrote last year -- featuring an important video -- when I was just into my 8th day as a born-again Christian:

"The Best-Kept Secret in Judaism"

The video reveals why modern-day Jews don't know their MESSIAH.

Why is Israel the chosen nation of God?

That will be for my future articles.

For now, know that Jesus was very clear when He'll show up again in Israel:

"Ye shall 

not see me 


till ye 

shall say, 

Blessed is he 

that cometh 

in the name 

of the Lord."

Matthew 23:39 (King James Version)


Championing the BIBLE

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

ANCIENT Symbolism on the RETURN of CHRIST


"Jesus was not just a Jew, 

He was a Galilean."

   -- Brent Miller Jr.

That's the premise of film maker and "Rapture" expert Brent Miller Jr., in comparing the Second Coming of CHRIST to a Galilean wedding, something he refers to as a "prophetic wedding timeline".

Watch the short 10-minute video featuring Nathan Jones of Christ in Prophecy interviewing Brent Miller Jr., of Ingenuity Films who explains that Jesus spoke to people in a way they can understand -- as a Galilean and as fishermen -- comparing the RETURN of CHRIST to the ancient, traditional Galilean wedding culture and custom.

You will appreciate how this short video supports the RETURN of CHRIST as prophesied in SCRIPTURE.

As in a Galilean wedding, not even the "groom" would know the day, but only the "father".

32 But of that day 

and that hour 

knoweth no man, 

no, not the angels 

which are in heaven, 

neither the Son, 

but the Father.

Mark 13:32 (King James Version)

In the ancient Galilean wedding tradition, the doors would be shut behind the visitors for the week-long celebration and the guests have to be ready at any time the father of the groom would declare it's time for the wedding ceremony to transpire.

The "parable of the 10 virgins" clearly compares the 1st century Galilean wedding, to the second coming of CHRIST, and how "guests" must be ready any time:

25 Then shall 

the kingdom 

of heaven 

be likened 

unto ten virgins, 

which took 

their lamps, 

and went forth 

to meet 

the bridegroom.

2 And five of them 

were wise, 

and five 

were foolish.

3 They that were foolish 

took their lamps, 

and took 

no oil 

with them:

4 But the wise 

took oil 

in their vessels 

with their lamps.

5 While the bridegroom tarried, 

they all slumbered 

and slept.

6 And at midnight 

there was a cry made, 


the bridegroom cometh; 

go ye out 

to meet him.

7 Then all those virgins arose, 

and trimmed their lamps.

8 And the foolish 

said unto the wise, 

Give us 

of your oil; 

for our lamps 

are gone out.

9 But the wise answered, saying, 

Not so; 

lest there be 

not enough 

for us 

and you: 

but go ye rather 

to them 

that sell, 

and buy 

for yourselves.

10 And while they 

went to buy, 

the bridegroom came; 

and they 

that were ready 

went in 

with him 

to the marriage: 

and the door 

was shut.

11 Afterward 

came also 

the other virgins, saying, 

Lord, Lord, 

open to us.

12 But he answered 

and said, 


I say unto you, 

I know you not.

13 Watch therefore, 

for ye know 

neither the day 

nor the hour 

wherein the Son 

of man 


Matthew 25:1-13 (King James Version)

In the Book of Revelation, the RETURN of JESUS is clearly explained in this verse -- akin to a wedding:

7 Let us be glad 

and rejoice, 

and give honour 

to him: 

for the marriage 

of the Lamb 

is come, 

and his wife 

hath made 



Revelation 19:7 (King James Version)

(Verses from biblegateway.com)

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