Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Best-Kept Secret in Judaism

Strange things happen.

How is it that modern-day Jews haven't really embraced Christ? 

Who did that to them?

I've heard the Scripture passage:

Mark 6:4
King James Version
4 But Jesus, 
said unto them, 
A prophet is not without honour, 
but in his own country, 
and among his own kin, 
and in his own house.

Sometimes, the VERY answer -- the ABSOLUTE answer -- is right under our noses and we don't even know Him.

It seems to be a common mistake among all of us who seek far and wide for the obvious when we already have it right in front of us.

Surely that's no cosmic joke, most probably merely a lack of focus, care, listening, or a love for God.

Last night, God led me to the video above, featuring the young Dr. Eitan Bar, "One For Israel's" Evangelism and Apologetics director.

Many will be surprised how Jews don't know their Savior, or haven't come to love Him, for it seems CHRIST's enemy still has a firm grip on the hearts and minds of people, mostly creating fear in their hearts.

Dr. Bar called the rabbis who kept their people in the dark, "pharisees".

What was touching was when the enlightened Jews remarked:

"How can an entire nation be led astray?"

"Our people need Jesus."

"Jewish people don't speak against rabbis."

Before I encountered this video, I had no idea God's chosen people were kept in the dark about their True Savior. 

Viewing Dr. David R. Reagan's many wonderful videos, I began to understand the plight of this people and nation. 

Please view the video above to know more about this "best-kept secret" that kept the Jews "purposely" in the dark.

Well, Christ's Time is coming and there is no second to be lost.

If you truly love God you will do your best to know about Him through His Son, Jesus, who revealed all in the Bible.

I, for myself, am catching up for lost time.

Updated 11 July 2022