Sunday, September 15, 2019

Dr. David R. Reagan's "A Prophetic Manifesto"

I first got interested in Bible Prophecy after listening to Dr. David R. Reagan on the evening of 6 September 2019.

It was two videos depicting the rebellion of America -- so very ripe for the end times and the "imminent" return of Jesus.

After listening to those videos and viewing Dr. Reagan's other videos, I finally realized how important it was to embrace Christ in full as my personal Savior and Guide through His Gospel.

You just know a life-changing and soul-changing thing when you see or hear it, thus I personally continued forward and looked into Bible Prophecy more.

I also loved these two videos below wherein Dr. Reagan wrote a simple but profound slim volume called "A Prophetic Manifesto".

These two other videos continue where the other earlier videos on America left off. 

Dr. Reagan's prophetic manifesto is divided into two parts:

1. "The Condition and Fate of Our Nation".

2. "The Condition of the Church".

If your heart is open you will love how Dr. Reagan teaches us. I found him of great value to me and hopefully to the rest of you new in Bible Prophecy -- thus, the creation of this blog.

Updated 19 January 2022