Sunday, September 15, 2019

Jan Markell Speaks on the Mockery of Bible Prophecy

I first learned about Jan Markell, through Dr. David R. Reagan's videos.

He calls her a "Messianic Jew".

On the video above, she speaks passionately about the attacks on their ministry because the end times haven't happened yet. 

There will always be the hecklers, the doubters and skeptics, the bored, the plain evil, and rarely are those who really care to know what Christ is all about.

The enemy's idea is to keep everyone in the dark.

We live in a materialistic world which has been taken over by that which is not of God, and now that end times is near (I feel that, too), those entities are working quadruple time that we don't get back to Christ in time.

It's really a battle for the souls.

Before I got into Bible Prophecy nine days ago, I've been researching on how such entities, corporations, institutions, and organizations have been taking over our lives and souls.

It is those insidious ambushes and attacks we really need to be aware of.

It's like cancer eating up at our soul and we're not even aware of it.

Jan Markell, Dr. Reagan, and their colleagues are here to sound the alarm -- not to alarm us -- but to wake us up.

Still, we concerned groups and individuals, face much adversity -- but not as much as Christ had.

I found that very few people are aware or would want to be aware, for they are too involved in the materialism of life.

Also, most people are afraid. 

And that's why I welcome Dr. Reagan, Jan Markell, and a few of their colleagues so I can learn more about Bible Prophecy and share it here.

Do you believe the end times are near?

I do.

That's why I created this blog.

It's always a good time today to know more about Christ and His Plan for our Salvation so I intend to listen and learn every step of the way.

My life is in God's Hands alone.

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