Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"Prophecy Lessons" For Beginners

I am a beginning student in Bible Prophecy.

Up until 6 September 2019 I had no clear thoughts about Bible Prophecy.

But because I was making room for all of Christ in my heart, He sent me a wonderful teacher, Dr. David R. Reagan, on that night of the 6th, even as I already had a very good friend who I would approach to supply and enlighten me about Scriptures for my work as a spiritual writer and researcher.

But my days as an ordinary writer are now over.

I have since been transformed into a Christian writer since 7 September 2019, with particular emphasis on Bible Prophecy.

As a beginning writer and researcher of such, God must have allowed the Holy Spirit to guide me along the way because I found many lovely treasures on Christ which was there all along, waiting for me to finally embrace it in full.

As such, I had created the following posts on a previous blog, "Archaeologist of the Soul":

-- "The Waiting Was All Worth It"
-- "Biblical Prophecy You Will Want to Listen To"
-- "Israel: God's Nation"
-- "My Continuing Education on Jesus"
-- "The Mountains of Jerusalem"
-- "On Walking Through the Old City of Jerusalem"
-- "On the Eastern Gate in Prophecy"
-- "On the Reality of Hell"
-- "The Lamb Makes a Choice"

I was so into Christ and Biblical Prophecy I had not realized I had written 9 articles in just 3 days.

Each day I sleep or wake up, and even in-between, is now totally devoted to studying, listening, and turning things over in my heart.

It's like my soul hungered for this particular information, but didn't quite know how to start or who to listen to.

That was really all I was waiting for: to find a focus and to find the best teachers.

I started with my good friend, and was led to Dr. Reagan, after which from viewing his videos, I was led to his other colleagues.

And last night, I thought to myself, it's time to end the other blog and start a new one just for Christ and my continuing studies.

This blog will share with you my best findings on Biblical Prophecy, guided by the Holy Spirit.

I love the process I'm going through -- of being a complete beginner and yet being guided to the best knowledge, for I always pray for discernment.

If I was stuck in the past, it's only because I was stuffing my heart and mind with what I thought were the lessons I needed to learn and share, only to find out there was something vital missing.

I did not have the Word of God in my work, as such it was totally incomplete and had no real value.

Until I discovered Bible Prophecy five days ago and I have not looked back since.

And now that I have found many wonderful prophecy teachers through careful study, I am very excited to share with you what I've come to know.

Of course, this blog is also like an "online notebook" for me, so I can document my research and share with you, as well as to review every so often.

On the next post, I will share with you the importance of Bible Prophecy.

Why am I devoting my whole life to it now?

You will love the simple but essential reasons on the next post.

If you care to know the many treasures I've discovered five days ago, just head to the next post, thank you!

I hope you welcome into your heart my little present for Christ who is The Only Way to God.

That was a very beautiful lesson for me for sure.

Updated 18 January 2022