Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Pastor is Not a Boy Who Cried "Wolf!"

I am amazed at how many pastors say they are boys who cried "Wolf!" and no one listens.

I'm no Bible expert and I'm merely an eight-day-old Christian, but I feel I have to point out an important thing from the many videos on Biblical Prophecy I've viewed so far. 

To my mind, and I hope I am correct in this, I remember the boy was a naughty boy and would "mislead" others by crying "Wolf!" when there was no wolf.

Lo and behold, one day, the wolf finally came and no one believed him.

The trust had been broken previously.

I know pastors "lead" people back to Christ so they can't possibly be the boy -- technically.

But sure, there is definitely a "wolf" as I personally have had many experiences of this entity, especially now I'm becoming ever-closer to Christ.

I think the pastors are more like "prophets" wherein they are appointed by God (or perhaps they volunteer) to speak the Good News of Salvation concerning His Son, Jesus.

Thing is, people are distracted.

Either that or they don't care.

Or perhaps they're too young or unaware of the dangers we're all in now, for there is much deception by the forces not of God.

As "prophets", the pastors can only do their very best, and if people don't listen, it is only by the Grace of God we are saved.

You, dear pastor, cannot be compared to the boy who cried "Wolf!"

You do not mislead others.

And I trust most of you.

Updated 18 January 2022