Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Cycle of America and the World

Why is America so important in the world?

Why is America suffering right now?

What does the Bible have to say about America's crisis?

Why is the world in deep danger today?

Perhaps, this Chuck Missler video can enlighten us about what's happening in America, and consequently, in the world.

Dr. Chuck Missler did say that what happens to America "impacts" all of us worldwide.

Strangely, his deep concerns in this video of 15 May 2013, echoes the very same concerns of Dr. David R. Reagan, whose videos really woke me up on 6 September 2019 -- enough to make me a born-again Christian.

I can only remark that the timing was exquisite and my studies, led by Jesus, and the Holy Spirit of God, continue each day.

And yesterday, I was led to the Missler video above, among many of his other vital videos.

You will learn of what he says is the "200-year cycle of America".

If you care what happens to your self, your family, your work, your community, your nation, and the world, you will listen closely to this prophetic video -- aired seven years ago.

What I also found interesting is the fact that both Dr. Chuck Missler, and Dr. David R. Reagan, have been studying the Bible practically all their life, are both precise about the WORD of God, are both highly-educated, organized, both well-versed in business, politics, government, world history, Bible prophecy, and  foreign policy -- as such are valid voices to listen to in these challenging times.

Only through the Bible, the WORD of God, by Grace, through the Holy Spirit's instructions, can we truly grasp the significance and urgency of these times.

May we all heed the Holy Spirit's call for our undivided attention.