Friday, August 28, 2020

I Knew 2020 Was Going to Be Something

9 For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro 
throughout the whole earth, 
to shew himself strong in the behalf of them 
whose heart is perfect toward him. 
Herein thou hast done foolishly: 
therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars.

2 Chronicles 16:9 
King James Version

Perhaps, I have a thing about numbers. 

I could only think of one thing when I saw the number 2020 -- visual acuity.

Would my inner vision be clearer?

What would the world bring in 2020?

Those were my questions in the fall of 2019.

I just knew something would be different for the next year.

What, I didn't know what. 

But something significant happened to me in September, a day before my birthday. 

I had given my heart to JESUS.

I had become a changed person.

The events that led to that came from two videos on America, which completely changed my life.

Of how, America was a nation "begging for destruction", for it had parted ways with God.

The warning was sounded, and I, an Asian, somehow "heard" it, even as the videos were created sometime back.

Immediately, I decided to become born again, for it felt right.

As if there was a great urgency to it all.

Then I started reading the Bible, from Genesis, to the Four Gospels, to Revelation.

I was particularly drawn to Bible Prophecy, which led to the blog you're on now.

There was a very clear progression to things.

I wanted to know the WORDS of Jesus, just as He said them.

I felt I was being "alerted" to something, based on those videos. 

I filled lots of notebooks, and loose sheets, with verses that called to my soul.

Surely, the Holy SPIRIT of God took pity upon this soul, hungering for CHRIST.

Then, I started writing the books.

And that was the time the covid crisis was brewing.

But what do I know?

I was tasked to write, not focus on the world.

As the world partied, I was cooped up writing, trying to learn more about Jesus.

The books came non-stop -- all 22 of them, in 36 days.

I knew I could write.

I knew I wrote fast.

But not this much.

Not this fast.

And not this intensely.

And without tiring.

I have to tell you that's how the SPIRIT of God will fuel you, if you are really His.

Of course, God worked with what I had in my heart.

He made sure I had those dreams from decades ago.

He also made sure the time to de-code those dreams would come -- at His own choosing.

So, I dreamt, and worked, hoping to know ALL of God's TRUTH alone.

It was my most fervent desire.

I bugged Him, night and day.

And when He surfaced, I'm glad I was ready.

I wrote, from all the "prompts" and "inspiration", following each lead, every moment -- always backed by SCRIPTURE -- the WORD of God.

Then 2020 came, the covid blew, and I knew God was on to something.

Everything is for a purpose, for a reason only known to God, though I honestly felt that those who don't love God, will reveal more of themselves, and their ways.

It's time they came out of hiding.

It's time they were revealed in plain sight.

True enough, if you are to go by the endless news and posts on social media and digital media, you'd see there would be truth in that.

Those who love you, are there for you.

Those who love God, and are true followers of Jesus, will become more of that.

Those who only care to enrich themselves, at the expense of others, are there, too.

Those who have had agendas for the longest time, can't wait to put everything in full force now.

Those who are confused, get even more confused.

Those who are angry, found a cause to espouse.

Only thing, others who have other agendas, found those causes handy, too, and piggy-backed on it.

Until finally, those people's cause got diluted, corrupted, and they deviate from the original purpose of their cause -- only because other people with different agendas got in on it, too.

And yes, the latter had the purse strings.

Who can you trust these days?

Only God.

Most still doesn't see that the only one with PERFECT vision is God.

He sees what we don't.

He knows what we don't.

Why is He not saying anything?

It's because JESUS will bring things to LIGHT.

Jesus, is the LIGHT of the world, after all.

Find your strength in Him.

Our peace lies in Him alone.

Your best friend these days will be the Holy SPIRIT of God -- the One who will teach you, comfort you, and strengthen you.

The Holy SPIRIT's time has come.

We have to make way for the Spirit.

Our vision is limited.

God's isn't.

The CREATOR is in charge.

People wish they were, and that's were the problems began.

Instigated by the fallen one, of course.

And now, it's time to take off our muddied glasses, have God dissolve our spiritual cataracts, and see through the eyes of the Holy SPIRIT.

We had been blind too long.

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