Monday, April 6, 2020

God is the Best Cure for all Ills

Genesis 1:29
King James Version
29 And God said, 
I have given you every herb bearing seed, 
which is upon the face of all the earth, 
and every tree, 
in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; 
to you it shall be for meat.

How beautiful the Garden of Eden must have been, before the fall of Adam and Eve!

Everything must have been fresh, unspoiled, tender, pure, and nourishing.

Everything was abundant, and man didn't have to work, to till the soil, to plant the seeds, to wait for harvest, and to make food from that produce. 

He had dominion over the earth, and everything God created was for his happiness.

But we will never come to know that here on earth, unless we decide to believe in Christ, and we can finally partake of eternal life in the arms of God, and know what true Paradise is.

Perhaps, we still have that residual DNA in us, of knowing what pure feels like.

These days, corrupted by man and resulting greed for money, and power, we have but a shadow of what pure hearts, and pure sustenance, would be.

Don't we realize that food, made with love in your heart, no matter how simple and humble, tastes better than all luxurious foods that tend to make you fat, ill, and grumpy?

Today, everything has been touched by technology, and food has lost its essence and nutrients, no matter if they'd say it has been "fortified".

Everything is costly, too.

And to think, God gave it all to us, once.

After the fall, man was now tasked to till the soil, and woman was to suffer painful childbirth.

Hardship had become part of our lives.

But man -- proud man -- refuses to be under the mercy of the elements, and began to industrialize everything.

And then, he began to live in cities, and skyscrapers.

Farmers have been forgotten, and marginalized.

We have more than we can actually eat.

Supermarkets, fast food places, restaurants, cafes, and homes burp with such abundance.

That's all very well, except we forgot many people around us.

I really have been wondering why Bill Gates prefers to back the creation of vaccines, in place of making sure every citizen on the planet has proper food in his stomach.

And not supermarket food, but local food.

We do not need a vaccine.

We need heart.

We need God.

We had forgotten the Creator.

The farther we are from Him, the more corrupt our food and lives are.

Human beings have fed on each other.

We're  now potential voters, statistics, consumers, slaves, in bondage for the rest of our lives to the worldly powers-that-be.

We've veered far away from the LORD.

The lords of the earth are preparing for us to be machine-like, controlled, and freedom-less.

As if God would allow such atrocity.

And so, I await the LORD, and His coming.



Updated 29 August 2021