Tuesday, September 8, 2020

God Seems To Like The Work I Do

Colossians 1:28
King James Version
28 Whom we preach, 
warning every man, 
and teaching every man in all wisdom; 
that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:

Funny, that was the verse that showed up today, as I edited an article I had not shared with anyone, until today.

That verse PRECISELY reflects the focus of that article -- on Jesus' LAST instructions to His apostles, after His resurrection: 

Luke 24:47
King James Version
47 And that repentance and remission of sins 
should be preached in his name among all nations, 
beginning at Jerusalem.

And all because, the Holy SPIRIT led me to click the Bible Gateway link today, making me curious, to see the "Verse of the Day", just in case God had a "surprise" for me.

Of course, He did.

That seems to be how things are happening for me now.

And getting pretty often, too!

I write an article, I give credit to Bible Gateway, and if I check the "Verse of the Day", it often echoes the VERY subject of my article.

It's not weird.

It's beautiful!

It's magnificent!

It's GOD!

All I do is allow the Holy SPIRIT to guide me.

We write together, and beautiful things happen.

It may reach you.

It may touch your heart.

It may even anger you.

But I leave everything to the LORD God.

I write, because God created me to write.

I write, because there's so MUCH to write about God.

I write, because there's a deep urgency to share God's WORD with you.

I write, because I'm a follower of Jesus.

I write, because the Holy SPIRIT's teaching me many wonderful things.

I write, because I am a warrior for God.

And, in the process, God rewards my trusting and obedient heart, with little surprises that tickle my soul.

Then I know, God appreciates my little efforts.

I also write, to remind myself of the important verses the Holy SPIRIT leads me to.

It's as much for you, as it is for me.

If you have a child-like heart, you can identify with what I'm sharing.

Your heart will be as tickled, knowing God's paying attention, and blessing us for our faithfulness -- and yes, for our undivided attention.

I will forever be a child in my heart and I know God likes what I'm doing, writing about the TRIUNE God.

But why did I get into Bible Prophecy, the most complicated part of Scripture?

GOD saw my heart was finally open to JESUS, and sent the Holy SPIRIT to instruct me.

I got close to Jesus, because of those two videos on America.

I "heard" the "call".

After that, and instantly, I decided to become a born-again Christian on the same day.

There was no question -- it had to be Bible PROPHECY.

The world has gone completely astray, despite the many warnings sent out by many prophets, and primarily JESUS.

I felt the urgency.

So, I started reading the Bible, taking down notes, and the articles "formed".

It was the work of the Holy SPIRIT in me, teaching me, coaxing me, prompting me.

God knew what I had in me.

The only thing He waited for, was my complete surrender to Him.

And that's when He sent the Holy SPIRIT to instruct me.

How do I know it's from the Holy SPIRIT?

How can it not?

All I write about is GOD.

He is the MOST beautiful FOCUS of all!

(Verses from biblegateway.com)

Updated 19 January 2022