"...worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Revelation 19:10 (KJV)

Friday, May 1, 2020

"The Work Objective" Blog

It's really very simple.

Where "Prophecy Lessons" blog is the basis for work and life, my new blog, "The Work Objective" is the work itself.

That's where you can find ideas of possible work to do, and perhaps, to even review the work you're already doing now, especially in a changing world that needs God the most.

It took me 29 years to finally launch that work blog, even as its origins were first as a "Work and Well-Being" newsletter.

Many things have happened since then, many jobs were given to me, many lessons were learned, my whole life had shifted, and turned, so I suppose all that was necessary for my work blog to be more infused with true wisdom.

And now that I've become a servant of Christ, you can imagine how much more precious my writing will be -- that it benefit you greatly -- making sure I think, speak, and do nothing, unless it is first fully aligned with Christ.

There is no more self to think about, to worry about, and to project.

It's all God now.

It's like I'm letting God make me see through His heart.

It's the only way to see things clearly.

When self is forgotten, and only God remains, the quality of your work will be beneficial.

You will see clearly "through" everything, just as things are, just as people are, and just as God is.

There is no love for power, wealth, or worldly ambition.

Not that it ever really mattered to me.

I just work, to the best of my ability.

Only God suffices in my heart now.

Only the LORD can give us clear perspective of things.

"Prophecy Lessons" blog gave me the necessary foundation -- based on Scripture (with particular emphasis on Jesus' words).

"The Work Objective" blog shares ideas, thoughts, observations on the actual world of work -- what works, what may not, and what is deeply needed right now.

What has heart, and what doesn't.

What follows the Laws of Christ, and what doesn't.

It takes my work to the next level.

It took 29 years, and practically all of my life, to create that new blog.

It couldn't have been done earlier.

Only God knew when I was ready.

And when I was, well, the Holy Spirit merely inspired me with new ideas.

That's how God and I work together.

Always by His design, by His timing, and by His instruction.

It really is magnificent working this way.

No force on earth, no leader on earth, can cause such inspiration -- unless, they are infused with Spirit themselves.

Click this link to view posts on "The Work Objective" -- how to make life easier for people.

After all that's the whole objective of work, right?

Not just to make money, or to feed our families, but to serve, as God would have us serve.