"...worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Revelation 19:10 (KJV)

Thursday, May 7, 2020

An Important Article About the Signs of the Times

Have you noticed how strange everything has been, for sometime now?

It seems we are being hit on all fronts, from the weather, to our health, to our economy, to the work we do, to industries we used to have, to travel, and to everything modern man seems to have been accustomed to.

Change is definitely -- and literally -- in the air.

So much so, that we have to wear face masks, too.

Plus, there is no certainty about tomorrow.

As I wrote in a previous article, only God is the sure thing.

How can the Creator not be?

He created us all.

He can make us live, He can make us die.

So far, few have been observing, or listening to His warnings -- through nature, disease, pestilence, chaos, confusion, and all that goes on in the world -- of the impending Return of His Son.

Few seem to care that Jesus had already told us of the signs of His Second Coming.

On and on, people seem more involved with things of the world, as if we could bring those where we're all going.

As if those have any bearing on the salvation of our souls.

Few heed the warnings of Jesus, and the prophets.

How we test God so!

We are a very strange lot.

We still have no idea of the might and power of the LORD.

I, with my child-like heart and mind, won't even think of questioning it.

The fact that He created me, and continue to bless me, despite my many failings, only means He cares that I am on the right path.

I also know He knows what's inside my heart.

I could be tending to my internet work right now, but after reading Dr. David R. Reagan's latest article on "The Lamplighter", I knew I needed to feature it here right away.

Dr. Reagan's post, for me, is of the greatest urgency, as he quotes many Bible verses as source for what is happening now.

You can read a PDF of their newsletter's latest issue here.

If you so wish, you can subscribe for FREE to that newsletter, and receive the most important articles tying everything that's happening around us, and in us, through SCRIPTURE.

Dr. Reagan, Col. Tim Moore, Nathan Jones, and so many authors of that newsletter, all acknowledge that this is the season of Jesus' Return -- the sign of the end times.

And we all say the same thing, with hearts full of love for the LORD.


Come, Lord Jesus, come!

(Image source: “Blackboard At The Crossroads” image by Lubos Houska.)