"...worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Revelation 19:10 (KJV)

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Hope and Peace for All in 2020

An ending is always a beginning.

A previous year done; a new year ahead of us.

Pretty much like what GOD said here:

"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty."

Revelation 1:8 (King James Version)

In truth, all come from Him.

You would agree to that if you are aligned with Him, and if you love Him.

With God, we have everything.

All our hopes and future.

All our dreams and aspirations.

Everything we have in our heart.

If all are sourced from God, following His Will alone, we are truly guided.

When you embrace God as a born-again Christian, you will find yourself automatically surrendering yourself completely to His Will.

And I tell, you, the feeling is incomparable to any known on earth.

When you are guided each day, not doing any thinking for yourself or for others, but merely ALLOWING God to guide you each day -- through the Holy SPIRIT (the teacher of all things) -- you feel truly clear and blessed, even as it is not in the way the world will think you blessed.

Like I had no idea I could write short fiction -- stories about God, and my understanding of Scripture -- and yet one day, I did.

I finished writing 22 books on spiritual  warfare starting 24 November 2019.

I didn't wait for anyone to publish it.

The books came faster than I can wait to broach the idea to publishers -- which would take forever -- so I had no recourse but to publish them myself.

Think in terms of two books forming in my mind each day.

Through Amazon's platform, I was able to publish all 22 books.

And now, you can see them all on my Amazon author's pageAnd I was just a three-month-old baby Christian then.

It's no boast.

I merely listened to the daily "promptings" of Spirit which came any time anyway. 

I've always been an instinctive writer, but I didn't realize I could write 22 books for God in a little over a month, aiming to finish the last one before 2019 ended.

On 30 December, I published the last book, and I rested, preparing other work for 2020.

My productivity comes from God alone.

I listened, obeyed, and everything flowed -- effortlessly. 

By the GRACE of God, I was able to write and publish all those books on Him.

Everything was based on SCRIPTURE.

Can you see what God can do for you and with you?

He will work with what you have.

He created you, after all.

How can He not know what you're here on earth to do?

What I can tell you is this:

Commit yourself to the LORD, and have the faith, strength, and perseverance to follow His Will, according to Scripture.

WORSHIP Him with all your heart, and have nothing to do with the gods of the earth, for God hates idolatry.

Follow not the ways of the world, or be even concerned with their idea of success, for the world is not of God.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not of the earth.

I "found" the Kingdom of Heaven in two particular verses, a fitting ending to the 21st book I wrote.

What a lovely surprise!

But that's what happens when you work with God.

He has many surprises for you along the way.

I look forward to even more Scripture understanding from Him.

That is the desire of my soul.

May the year 2020 bring you ever closer to the SPIRIT of GOD, where your true strength, peace, and hope lie.

Salvation is always a personal matter.

Commit yourself to know God in your heart by reading SCRIPTURE.

The Holy Spirit will lead you to all understanding.

Therein lies your HOPE.