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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Two More Spiritual Warfare Books on Amazon

Are you following the SCRIBU Series on spiritual warfare?

If so, here are two more books "manufactured" almost in a day.

I'm just scribe to the Holy SPIRIT -- the Teacher of All Things -- encouraging me to create this short story series about a 26-year-old warrior called SCRIBU.

I've never written fiction for Amazon before, but when Spirit strikes, you must be in the ball game.

Why is she called SCRIBU?

Click this link to find out.

Here are the two titles now on Amazon:

Book 13, THE PHLEGM FACTORY – Down, and dumbed out. Can a common cold destroy humanity? Find out as Scribu, the Dream Warrior and Scribe, reveals her findings, first hand.

Book 14, DEATH OF SELF-IMPORTANCE – Does self matter so much? Scribu's led to powerful verses from Scripture, answering all the questions we have about life, self, work, God, and relationships. Of course, Skal, the Chief Demon and destroyer, rages at such vital discoveries.

You may also want to check the synopsis of the 12 other books through this link.

As always, I thank you for reading my posts, which are designed to lead us all back to GOD and SCRIPTURE, especially in this season of the end times.

Be awake, and be aware -- CHRIST draws near!

WORSHIP God with all your heart, and be not caught up in the false enticements of the world.